Requesting a SAML token from ADFS in C#

NOTE: The code for my ADFS experiments is available at github The problem I set out to integrate a new .net web api project (and the client application consuming it) with ADFS authentication. Since I wanted to understand the nuts and bolts of ADFS tokens & using them with web apis, I chose not to use any “designer tools” in Visual Studio. Here’s what I’d like to achieve: client application authenticates for the first time with username/password use credentials to request security token from ADFS convert the token to JWT format for usage in HTTP headers Getting the token Requesting the token is actually pretty easy once you use a little WCF magic (and know your ADFS endpoint). [More...]

Setting up Eclipse for Android including TFS

Since I inherited an Android project, I had to do a clean install of the development tools on my Windows 8 machine including the Team Foundation Server Plugin for Eclipse. Here are my notes: The latest Development Tools for Android (including Eclipse) can be found here To enable Android debugging on physical devices, download the USB driver for your cellphone, look here The driver for Samsung devices can be obtained via the samsung kies software Download and install the Team Foundation Server Plug In with this guide In Eclipse go to Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Team Foundation Server Check “accept untrusted SSL certificates” (couldn’t get it to work otherwise) In Eclipse go to Window -> Open Perspective -> Other -> Team Foundation Server Add your TFS address Get a project or add some sources to the TFS To get an integrated TFS experience with your project: Right click on your project in the package explorer Team -> Share Project -> Team Foundation Server This enables TFS as the source control plug-in

Sony Vaio Pro 13

Configuration reviewed: i7-4500U CPU 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD 2nd extended battery Touch Screen Ever since the Haswell chipset was first announced, I was intrigued by the battery-life-to-performance ratio. Who wouldn’t like the idea of coding all day long without having to dig up the power cord? Since I did some iOS programming on a Macbook Air recently, I had some high expectations for a solid Windows Ultrabook. [More...]

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