Remove and block a mobile device with Exchange Powershell

Occasionally you want to remove an employee’s active sync device and block it for good. Calling “Remove-MobileDevice” will remove the device partnership but it will come back if it’s already been added to the allowed devices of the mailbox. In the example below, I want to get rid of a user’s Android devices, so I’m adding those DeviceIDs to the list of blocked IDs on the Mailbox before I remove the device from the system.

$EXCHANGE_SESSION_NAME = "ExchangeSession"

function Create-ExchangePowershellSession()
    $PsSession = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -Name $EXCHANGE_SESSION_NAME -ConnectionUri -Authentication Kerberos
    Import-PSSession $PsSession

function Remove-ExchangePowershellSession()
    Remove-PSSession -Name $EXCHANGE_SESSION_NAME



$EASDeviceStats = @(Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $casIdentity)

  Foreach ($EASDevice in $EASDeviceStats)
	 if ($EASDevice.DeviceOS -eq "Android")
	     Set-CASMailbox -Identity $casIdentity -ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs @{REMOVE=$deviceID} -ActiveSyncBlockedDeviceIDs @{ADD=$deviceID}
	     Remove-MobileDevice -Identity $deviceGuid -Confirm:$False

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